Movement Specialist


A Certified Intimacy Director, Teacher, and Fight/Movement Choreographer.

An assistant Professor of Acting-Movement, Alexis teaches Acting, Movement, Stage Combat, and consent practices in rehearsal and performance at MSU.



Alexis Black holds an MFA in Performance Pedagogy from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a certified teacher in the Michael Chekhov Physical Acting Technique. 



A certified Intimacy Director with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, providing intimacy direction and consent practices for regional theaters, university productions and in New York City.

Movement ChorEographer

Fight and Movement direction/choreography for over 45 productions in regional theaters, NYC, Europe, & Asia, including assisting on Broadway, including working with unarmed or fights with weapons, and comedic or stylized movement.


Professional actor for over 15 years, working in the United States and Europe, including New York City, London, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ohio, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Virginia


A Certified Intimacy Director (ID) with IDC has trained in the 5-Pillar methodology specifically for theatre and live performance.


These distinguished professionals represent the highest standard in intimacy artistry for the stage. The team has hired individuals with extensive movement, sensitivity, and industry training.

Alexis is proud to be a certified Intimacy Director with Intimacy Director’s & Coordinators.

Alexis is an advocate for safety, equity and empathy in workshops, the classroom, rehearsals and performance. 

With a teaching certification in the Michael Chekhov Physical Acting Technique, Alexis connects actors to the possibilities available in dynamic physical storytelling, with an emphasis in embodying, creative identity, and ease of communication.



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