Alexis (She/Her) has taught undergraduates, high school students, and professional workshops, and has over a decade of professional work in the acting and movement world, including assisting on Broadway.  She is certified in several movement and acting techniques, and is an enthusiastic advocate for consent and inclusion practices in the performance classroom. 

(for workshops, consultations or CURRICULUM VITAE)


Alexis has joined the Michigan State University theatre faculty as Assistant Professor of Acting-Movement, teaching Acting, Movement, Stage Combat, and more. She is absolutely thrilled to work with the team at MSU!

Certified in Intimacy Direction with

Intimacy Directors International

Alexis is certified to teach workshops for actors in Intimacy and consent work, as well as a trained movement specialist for the safe and dynamic choreography of physical storytelling that includes intimacy.

"A Certified Intimacy Director with IDI has trained in IDI's 5-Pillar methodology specifically for theatre. These distinguished professionals represent the highest standard in intimacy artistry for the screen. The following individuals have extensive movement, sensitivity, and industry training and represent IDI with their professional artistry and integrity."




Recently served as Lead Movement Teacher for the theatre workshops at the Tennessee Arts Academy, a week-long teacher training conference.